Delta Dewata

Type of place
“Delta Dewata is our everything!” – says every second resident of Ubud. In this store, you can find all household and essential items.
The store has two entrances: one from Andong Street, the other in the courtyard, with free underground parking.
Besides food products, here you will find:
- a large stationery section, everything for school;
- a toy section;
- swimming accessories;
- a wide selection of rubber shoes, including children's;
- household appliances (stoves, blenders, rice cookers);
- metal, plastic, and glassware;
- pet food;
- household chemicals and cleaning supplies;
- clothing for newborns;
- towels, pillows, bedspreads;
- suitcases;
- a candle section, incense;
- an alcohol section;
- watch repair and more.
Next to the stairs at the main entrance, there is a cozy café where you can work.
Just to the right, you will find a pet store with various medicines, and behind it, a children's store with clothes.