Yamaha Nmax 155 for rent

The Yamaha Nmax 155 is one of the best scooters for long trips around Bali.
With a powerful, 155cc engine, it makes it easy to navigate the island's scenic roads and pulls well even in the mountains. Comfort and convenience are top-notch, thanks to the spacious seat and suspension. Rest assured that neither you nor your passenger will get tired even a few hours on the road.
The Yamaha Nmax 155 has excellent maneuverability, making this scooter the perfect choice for heavy traffic or exploring the narrow streets of Bali. It is also equipped with modern features such as ABS system that adds confidence during the ride.
Cost: 120,000 Rp.(~$7.5) per day. Models available from 2021-2023.
When booking with us, you will receive:
✅ 2 helmets for free;
✅ Free shipping to many areas of the island;
✅ Damage and theft insurance;
✅ Friendly support 24/7.
You can find out more and rent a bike on our website  👉 Balimotion.pro
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