Where and how to refuel the bike?

Not all petrol in Bali is created equal for your bike.
To find a gas station, enter the word PertaminA into Google maps and you will see the nearest gas stations. At the gas station, it is better to fill up a full tank of gasoline and forget about this issue for another couple of days.
What type of fuel is called in Bali?
- Pertamax - equivalent to AI-92 blue pistol
- Pertamax plus - equivalent to AI-95 red pistol
- Pertamax turbo - equivalent to AI-98 red pistol
You can fill in any of the above.
There are also PertaMini gas stations. These pumps for 2 types of gasoline are usually located near some kind of kiosk. We do not recommend this refueling option. Because instead of a liter of good fuel, you can get 800 ml of low quality gasoline
You should NOT fuel your bike from bottles sold on the road, literally at all. Bottles are often not dried after washing and gasoline is poured into them. And as you know, the ingress of water and other impurities is detrimental to the engine. After refueling with such fuel, the bike may no longer start. And this is sad, especially if you are far from civilization.
A full tank is enough to cross the entire island.
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