What to do with children in Ubud: 7 best leisure options

"It's no wonder that Ubud is the cultural center of Bali. After all, it is here, in the heart of Bali, that you can find numerous attractions. The artist's town has preserved much more Balinese culture than other places in Bali, making it unique.
Of course, everyone has heard of the Monkey Forest, but there are plenty of other activities to keep children entertained during a trip to Ubud. We've compiled 12 fun activities that you can offer to children in this magical town."
1. Go to the Bali Bird Walk
The Bali Bird Walk was founded in 1990 by ornithologist Victor Mason, but not just as a park, with an emphasis on providing knowledge. Today, 10 percent of the income from park walks goes to bird conservation efforts. Bali Bird Walk is home to more than 100 different bird species.
The tours are conducted in small groups of up to 20 people, so advance reservations are necessary.
Tours are available every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
The excursion starts at 9:00 AM at the Warung Murni restaurant and concludes at 12:30 PM. For $37, you can book a tour that includes lunch and drinking water. This is one of the best excursions in Ubud if you want to get closer to nature.
2. Mountain bike tour
The routes take you through remote areas of Ubud, where during the excursion, you'll enjoy beautiful countryside landscapes, ride through bamboo and fruit orchards, rice fields, and get a closer look at the lives of local residents while learning more about the local culture.
3. Canyon rafting
Navigating the canyon on an inflatable tube is a unique and thrilling adventure, perfect for teenagers seeking excitement! This type of leisure activity is great for adventure enthusiasts, and it's completely safe as all participants are provided with protective gear. Throughout the entire adventure, experienced instructors accompany the group.
The "course" winds through trees and bushes, and you'll be surrounded by curious birds during the journey. It's definitely one of the best excursions in Ubud for adventure lovers!
4. Ecotour
This tour is perfect for families looking to get closer to nature and explore the Balinese landscapes. Typically, this tour involves a trek through the jungles of Ubud, a closer encounter with the local wildlife, and even a dip in natural springs or waterfalls. The tour usually concludes with a cup of Kopi Luwak coffee. Since most eco-tours require at least half an hour of walking and longer journeys, these excursions are best suited for families with older children.
5. Zoo
Bali Zoo is a unique place that brings together wild animals. In addition to an impressive collection of animals from around the world, Bali Zoo offers many entertainment events for both children and adults. In addition to the zoo, there is now also a water park and a fantastic restaurant on-site.
6. Monkey Forest
The Sacred Monkey Forest is probably one of the most famous places to visit while in Ubud. Thousands of visitors come here every week. Children really enjoy observing the monkeys. If you are going into the forest, make sure you don't have any food or items that will attract the attention of the monkeys!
7. Stroll around the Water Palace in Ubud.
While you're in Ubud, be sure to take the opportunity to visit the Water Palace. It's located just behind Starbucks!
Your children will enjoy exploring the area. They will be delighted by the spotted fish swimming among the lotus flowers and the amazing stone-carved figurines.
Enjoy Ubud with your children!
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