We are expanding the menu of Hookah Xpress: not just hookahs anymore!

Hello everyone!
We hasten to share a piece of pleasant news for hookah lovers! Now in our delivery menu, there are true traditional tea ceremonies and mouth-watering appetizers to make your hookah evening even more memorable! 🤩
🍵 Discover tea ceremonies from Hookah Xpress - the perfect combination of rich flavor and thousands of years of tradition:
🟢 ORIGINAL Tea Ceremony (Red tea, Oolong, Da Hong Pao and others) - 100K
🟢 PREMIUM Tea Ceremony (premium teas) - 150K
🟢 PREMIUM GABA Tea Ceremony (GABA Da Yu Ling Royal tea) - 200K
❗️ Available only for 2 or 4-hour hookah rentals! 
😋 Hungry? Don't forget to add nourishing high-protein appetizers from our selection to your order:
🔶 KABANOS protein chicken snacks - from 30K
🔶 MIZONE Isotonic (Cranberry, Lychee-Lemon flavor) - 12K
⏰ We work daily from 02PM to 02AM so you can try the new additions at your convenience!

📍 We deliver all over the island of Bali!

📲 To order contact us:

✈️ Telegram: @HXDelivery
📞 WhatsApp: +62 815 8800 007
📷 Instagram: @balihookahxpress
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