Waterblow Fountain in Nusa Dua

The sea waves break here between rocks, raising incredible splashes. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that the narrow space in the rocks creates additional pressure, thanks to which the water column rises up to 3-4 meters. This is an incredible sight.
  • Don't go off the asphalt roads or approach the edge of the cliff! The wave can easily wash you into the ocean! Hold onto the railing! This is dangerous! It is said that some onlookers were even washed into the ocean during high tide.
  • Of course, this attraction is not available all the time, only when there are large waves. The bigger the waves, the more splashes. You need to look at surf forecast websites here and make sure the height is 7-8 feet.
Imagine the mighty Indian Ocean crashing its foamy waves against rocky cliffs. Would you like to see it with your own eyes?
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