Volcano Batur: 10 amazing photo facts

10 Amazing Photo Facts about the Legendary Volcano Batur.
Mount Batur is one of the most attractive places on the island of Bali, sought after by thousands of travelers from around the world. This volcano is shrouded in an incredible number of legends and mysteries, making it a must-visit destination when traveling to Bali.
1. The height of the volcano is 1717 meters above sea level, with the main cone standing about 700 meters from the mountain's base. Climbing Batur doesn't require special preparation and can be done in 1.5-2 hours with leisurely steps and breaks.
2. Sunrise in the mountains at almost two kilometers above sea level is an unforgettable spectacle, offering beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes. Batur's sunrise ranks among the Earth's most beautiful sunrises.
3. Batur is an active volcano! Constantly emitting hot steam from cracks inside the mountain, you can even cook eggs or roast bananas on it.
4. The most significant eruption of Mount Batur occurred in 1917, a year remembered as "the year the world shook" due to the death of over a thousand people, the destruction of 65 thousand houses, and 2.5 thousand temples.
5. The last eruption of the volcano took place in 1964, and a significant ash eruption (up to 300 meters) occurred in 2000.
6. In the early 2000s, after another volcanic activity, Balinese people, mindful of the catastrophic destruction in the 1960s, decided to appease the gods and conducted a ceremony on Mount Batur. Pilgrims from across the island participated, encircling the volcano with a several-kilometer-long sarong (white fabric) and leaving numerous offerings near the crater. After this, the volcanic activity significantly decreased, and the mountain calmed down.
7. One interesting location on the slopes of Mount Batur is the village of Trunyan, home to the Bali Aga, the island's indigenous people who inhabited Bali long before other populations arrived. The Bali Aga practice animism and are known for not burying their dead, leaving the bodies on the ground for the spirits to take.
8. Lake Batur in the volcano's caldera is considered sacred by the Balinese and is one of the abodes of the Balinese goddess of freshwater, Dewi Danu. In honor of her, the Ulu Danu Batur Temple was built. Swimming in the lake is prohibited, but fishing and using the water for irrigation are allowed.
9. In 2012, UNESCO declared the caldera area of the volcano a Geological Park.
10. At the foot of Batur, there are famous thermal springs, a delightful way to relax after conquering the legendary mountain. The refreshing water not only relieves fatigue but also has beneficial effects on the skin and the entire body.
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