Virtual Flights over Indonesia

Indonesia is an island nation and a very beautiful country. By the way, it ranks 14th in the world in size. There are 17,500 registered islands in it. According to calculations, it would take a person 47 years to visit each of them. If you don't have that much free time but still want to see the beauty of Indonesia, there is a solution.
At the Trans Studio Bali shopping center in Denpasar, an attraction has appeared that will allow you to see the most beautiful places in this country from a bird's eye view. At the same time, to enhance the effect, you will also be lifted quite high above the floor. The beauties will be displayed on a huge screen providing a 180-degree view. You will fly over the Raja Ampat islands, the Borobudur temple, the active Bromo volcano, and other famous locations in Indonesia. The flight lasts approximately 8 minutes. Guests are seated in special movable chairs that actively move during the journey over Indonesia. In front of the viewers is a huge screen creating an immersive experience, and the video footage is synchronized with the movement of the chairs. In general, it's the sensation of flying without actually flying.
Of course, an experienced traveler will say that this is far from real experiences, but at the very least, you can see those places that are worth visiting in reality.
The cost of the attraction is 500,000 rupiahs for adults, and the "passenger's" weight must not exceed 135 kilograms. For a child, you will have to pay 350,000 (the height must be at least 90 centimeters). In addition to flights over Indonesia, there are 16 other exciting journeys. You can see small previews on Instagram.
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