Trip to Dreamland Beach and Viewpoint

Get ready, it's going to be an easy but very beautiful journey.
Dreamland is one of the most picturesque beaches in Bali. Here you'll find white sand, crystal clear water, nearby cliffs, and occasionally anchored yachts. It's like a scene from a movie.

Directions to Dreamland Beach

Set your navigator to Dreamland. Depart from Denpasar and follow the signs to Jimbaran on the wide highway.
When you reach the Bukit Peninsula, continue until you see a large golf ball. Take the turn here. This road is not busy and is lined with palm trees and well-manicured lawns.
At the next roundabout, take a left turn. It's important not to miss the turn to the unfinished hotel. There is a barrier, so only motorbikes can pass through the narrow passage.
There is no fee, just follow the navigator.
We are almost there. Continue on the paved road until you reach the parking area. The ocean is already visible in the background. One big advantage of this beach is that you can park very close to it and won't have to walk far. Grab your belongings and step barefoot on the hot sand, passing by the surfers. It is very beautiful and atmospheric, and you can also have a meal there. Enjoy your stay!


As you leave the beach, you will see a dirt road that goes uphill. Carefully maneuver onto the curb and continue along the rocky path up to the grassy plateau right on the cliff edge. It is a great place for photos, with stunning views of the ocean and anchored yachts. The wind will blow through your hair and you'll find pleasure in another captivating view.
Have you enjoyed it? Then you can head back home. The journey will also be easy, but expect traffic in the evening.

Route Details

  • Price: Free
  • Distance: 58 km from Denpasar
  • Travel Time: 1 hour 10 minutes by motorbike
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Road Tips: Don't miss the turn towards the unfinished hotel near the golf fields. It's easy to miss this turn without headphones and you might end up circling around until you find the right place.
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