Travel to Bedugul for strawberries and a breath of coolness

Miss the cool mountain air? Then we recommend heading to the north of the island. It's best to plan a two-day trip to enjoy the views of the lake and volcano, have a picnic in the botanical garden, visit the strawberry plantations, and take a catamaran ride on the calm waters near the picturesque temple.
We offer a light and comfortable itinerary that will allow you to enjoy the diversity of Balinese nature and spend minimal time traveling between locations. This trip combines activities with passive relaxation, where there's no need to rush and you can leisurely breathe in the fresh cool air.
One overnight stay and two unforgettable days in the mountainous region of the island. Key points of the mini-journey: Bali Botanic Garden - Strawberry Farm - Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul.
You can embark on the trip either by bike or by car. You won't encounter any surprises such as narrow and winding roads along the way.
It's best to start around 7:30-8:00 in the morning to avoid possible traffic jams and not to ride under the scorching sun if you're traveling by bike.
Take long pants and a long-sleeved shirt with you as the temperature in the mountains can drop to 19-22 degrees Celsius in the evening depending on the season.
We depart from Jimbaran and since our departure time coincides with breakfast time, we suggest our first stop.
Bali Bakery Kutа
The bakery opens at 8:00. They offer breakfast items on the menu. Most items can be ordered after 11:00-12:00. There is parking available for cars.
If this establishment doesn't appeal to you, there are others along the way that are open during this time. Just pay attention to their opening hours when choosing a place for breakfast.
The next location is about 1.5 hours away. If you're on a bike, don't forget about sunscreen and a raincoat, which we recommend always carrying in your luggage compartment.
The lost cafe
This café always greets you with a smile. The owner kindly offers lemon water while guests decide on their orders. It's an excellent place to relax after a journey, enjoy a delicious coffee (25k) with hot sweet Cinnabons (20k). The menu also includes main courses (starting from 45k). Soups, pastas, salads - everything is delicious and reasonably priced. Plus, there's a splendid panoramic view from the courtyard.
After resting, you can head out to the botanical garden, stopping at the viewpoint near Lake Bratan.
Rest Area
on the map (parking and rest area)
At this spot, you can choose a secluded corner under an umbrella, disconnect from the hustle and bustle, and meditate by the water. You can grab some water and snacks from the locals and listen to their stories about the volcano eruption thousands of years ago, which resulted in the formation of this lake. Balinese people hold it in great reverence, as Lake Bratan is one of the main sources of freshwater on the island.
Bali Botanic Garden - Sides Road
Please note that Google Maps leads to a closed gate, so use this link to get to the current entrance to the park.
The entrance fee to the park is 30k per person. Motorcycle parking costs 5k, while car entry onto the premises is 20k. If you prefer, you can explore the entire park in your own car and stop at various locations.
Additionally, you have the option to rent a golf cart for 200k per hour or take a shuttle for 20k per person (but you'll need to gather a group for this option). There's also the possibility to rent electric scooters, bicycles for different ages, electric bicycles, and tandem bicycles. We recommend inquiring about the rental costs on-site, as prices depend on the duration of the rental and the technical characteristics of the transportation available.
On the well-maintained lawns, you can have picnics. We recommend planning this in advance because it may be challenging to organize a tasty snack on-site, as there are only two water points and local snacks available in the park. However, along the road to the garden, you'll encounter fruit stalls, minimarkets, vendors selling boiled corn, and fresh strawberries.
There are activities for kids in the park as well. Until 4:30 PM, there's an inflatable trampoline, and there's also space for creative activities.
A little about the locations inside the botanical garden:
bamboo grove
cactus greenhouse
gazebos throughout the territory, which will be convenient for you to drive up in your car and relax without haste
restrooms WC
By 17:00, life in the park calms down and you can go to a cafe with a panoramic view for dinner.
House Of Tundra
In this part of the island, there are few establishments offering European dishes, pleasant service, and interior design. If you look at the map, you'll mainly find local warungs here. Therefore, keep this location in mind for the future (for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners).
In Google Maps, the current menu is attached. They cook deliciously. The cost of coffee is 30/35k, desserts from 20k, main courses from 45k + 16% tax and service charge.
Now it's time to head back to the hotel. There are plenty of accommodation options for different budgets. You can choose a hotel you like on Google Maps and head straight to the location. If this option doesn't suit you, then book a room in advance.
One of the budget-friendly options where you can stay: 
Pondok Nyoman Bedugul
The cost of rooms starts from 365k, including breakfast. A clean pool with views of the terraces and delicious food will give you a great start to the new day.
Check out of the hotel and head to the strawberry farm. There are many of them here. Follow the signs for "agro wisata strawberry" or choose a farm you like on Google Maps.
Picking strawberries in the plantations and eating them right from the bed is a unique pleasure. The entrance fee to the farm is approximately 10k. You will be given baskets, and upon exit, you will pay for the amount of strawberries you picked. During the season (June-August), 1 kg of strawberries costs approximately 40/50k. At other times, the price is higher.
One of dozens of factories in the area -
Hidden Strawberry Garden
And now we have reached one of the hallmarks of Bali
Ulun Danu Beratan Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul
On the map (parking location)
The temple complex is located on the shores of Lake Bratan at an altitude of more than 1000 meters.
Adult ticket: 75k, child ticket: 50k. Discount applies with a KITAS. For an additional fee, you can ride catamarans, feed rabbits and fish on the premises. There is also a children's playground. Although not new, the child will enjoy riding on such swings.
Near the entrance and inside the park, there are establishments where you can have lunch. Prices are average for Bali. After spending the whole day on the premises, you can head home by evening. Don't forget to make a stop and buy some fresh strawberries sold by the roadside. If you enjoy bargaining, go ahead and negotiate!
For a tray (about 450 grams) of fresh sweet strawberries, harsh sellers ask 40k, but with your friendly smile it can cost you 25k.
Have an easy and memorable trip!
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