Tours to Waterfalls

To feel the true power of Bali, head to the waterfalls hidden away from the noisy tourist areas in the jungles of the central and northern parts of the island.
You will immerse yourself in the wild nature of the island and try yourself as heroes of fascinating adventure novels. A trip to the waterfalls is a bright,unforgettable adventure and a meeting with something new and unexplored!
In the center of the island,you will find not very high but swift waterfalls like Kanto Lampo,Tibumana,and Tukad Cepung. The play of light and water sparkles in the cracks of the rocks is mesmerizing. Stand right under them,feel their coolness,and take beautiful photos. The journey from the southern regions will take about one and a half to two hours.
In the north of the island,you will see tall,powerful waterfalls like Aling-Aling,Gitgit,and Sekumpul. The streams of water rush down with a roar and form small lagoons at the bottom. The path to them will especially appeal to adrenaline junkies. Boldly venture towards these amazing natural attractions!
The waterfalls fill Bali with energy. Watch as the water rushes down from the rocky cliffs. Engage in meditation – the gentle sound of the streams and the forest will put you in the right mood. Or challenge yourself and jump from a 5 or even 10-meter height into the lagoons below.
Choose what suits you – the emotions you will experience will stay with you forever!
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