Journey to a Hidden Canyon in Bali

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If you love natural wonders and seek places where you can stand for a while, marveling at the unique beauty around you, then we introduce you to a secret place aptly named the Hidden Canyon.
The Bedugul Guwang Hidden Canyon, or Bali Hidden Canyon as indicated on Google Maps, is a river flowing within a narrow gorge between high rock walls. These walls boast unusual shapes and patterns crafted by nature over hundreds of thousands of years.
You are invited to descend into the gorge and navigate the route inside the canyon from one part to another. As you progress through the canyon, you move directly along the river, wading through it, occasionally swimming, and climbing walls where there are gentle spots and sheer parts.
Describing Bedugul Guwang, one could say it's like traversing cosmic landscapes that you'll admire throughout the entire journey. Water streams descending from the top of the gorge in different places offer the chance to enjoy a natural shower and capture breathtaking photos.
In the middle of the journey, right within the rock, you'll find the largest natural shower with warm water, a place where you can linger and take a break. Swimwear is essential for the canyon, as you'll spend almost the entire time in the water.
Throughout the route, a local guide will accompany you, and refusing their services is impossible since they are included in the ticket price, and they are immediately called to the ticket counter. However, this is not only necessary but also wise, as the entire path through the gorge is over uneven stones, and only the guide knows where to place your foot in challenging sections. The canyon guides are residents of the local village, familiar with the gorge since childhood, knowing every meter of the path by heart.
And if you wish, the guide will happily share secrets of the canyon, narrating interesting stories about the village, local traditions, and sharing personal memories.
The entire canyon walk is divided into two routes. If you get tired, you can turn off the path, and you'll be taken back up, returning through the rice fields, but we still recommend reaching the end.
Those who make it to the final part will encounter swings reminiscent of Tarzan, and for those interested in rock climbing, there are vines nearby that you can use to climb up the sheer wall. Even if you don't plan to climb, it's interesting to touch them, feel their stability, and strength. Here, you can also experience an impressive echo, adding a special atmosphere to the place.
All your gear and shoes will need to be placed in a waterproof bag at the beginning of the path, which the guide will carry. In more convenient spots for photography, the guide will stop you and take pictures; in this regard, everything is well organized.
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Returning to the starting point at the restaurant, you'll receive a towel and can take a shower. A delicious lunch will already be waiting on the terrace with a beautiful view.
Getting to the location of the canyon is easy. It is situated in the southeast of the island, near Sukawati (Gianyar), on the way to Tegenungan Waterfall, approximately an hour's drive from Canggu and 30 minutes from Ubud. Road signs leading to the location will be visible on the approach.
On the official canyon website, you can choose combined tours with varying costs, including additional attractions like nearby waterfalls. These tours include hotel transfers.
The canyon walk itself is not leisurely; you need to be focused and attentive as the boulders are slippery. It's advisable to refrain from visiting the canyon with small children; it's not an activity suited for them. Although there is a mini-zoo near the canyon where they might find interesting activities.
The website mentions that visits are also not recommended for elderly individuals and those with weak physical abilities.
Visiting the canyon with the full route takes approximately 3 hours (2 hours for the walk and 1 hour for preparations and lunch). During the rainy season, after heavy rainfall, the canyon closes for a couple of days, and then visits resume. This is due to the water level rising above the permissible level, so it's better to call in advance and check if it's open.
There is also a second reason - after rain, debris enters the canyon, and workers clean the entire area. Overall, the inside is very clean; there's not a single piece of paper, thanks to the guides who clean the place every day.
Entrance ticket prices:
- 240,000 IDR for foreign tourists
- 180,000 IDR for KITAS visa holders and local visitors.
The ticket includes:
- Guide
- Bottle of drinking water
- Towel
- Parking
- Lunch (fried rice or noodles with chicken and egg of your choice)
- Waterproof bag with the guide for all electronics
- Locker for clothing
- Parking
Reservation can be made via email: or WhatsApp: +62 878 600 24499. Booking must be done in advance, and there are discounts for group bookings.
Bali Hidden Canyon remains one of the lesser-known but thrilling places in Bali, welcoming nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers for unforgettable experiences.
If you wish to complement your day with more adventures, we recommend contacting the travel agency MyBaliTrips. On their website, you can choose a trip with English-speaking guide, combining the canyon visit with the Kintamani region and other legendary places in Bali, such as the Monkey Forest, the famous Tegallalang rice terraces, Tegenungan Waterfall, and even visit coffee plantations.
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