Tours to Sumba Island

Get ready to spend 4 days on the southernmost island of the Indonesian archipelago - magnificent Sumba! You will get acquainted with the exotic culture of the local residents, try unusual food, and immerse yourself in the stunningly beautiful nature that you won't find anywhere else in the world. The trip is filled with emotions and adventures.
On the first day, you will explore the western part of the island. You will stop in a traditional village with houses whose thatched roofs reach a height of 20 meters. You will head to the beach, known for its sand of unusual color, super-soft texture, quirky rocks, and impressive waves.
The second day of the exciting journey will take you to a beach with crystal-clear water and colorful marine life. Here you will snorkel in coral gardens near the shore and relax in wooden gazebos overlooking the green hills. The next stop will be Wukuri - an incredible shallow lake with saltwater, formed by rocks at the shore, with colorful marine life and monkeys in the treetops. After that, you will take a walk through a picturesque shady forest and narrow wooden bridges to a 90-meter waterfall. Its bluish-green water and cool natural pool will be the perfect place to rest and take impressive photos.
On the 3rd day, a car with a driver will take you to the Eastern part of the island. The first stop will be the hills covered with yellow shrubs, the rounded peaks of which stretch to the horizon. After lunch, you will visit a 3-tiered waterfall, surrounded by high brownish-green cliffs with silky moss and refreshing streams. You will spend the sunset on the most famous beach of the island with white sand and fantastic mangrove trees, the whimsical trunks of which, growing straight from the water, are a symbol of East Sumba.
Before heading to the airport,you will make a stop to witness the sunrise over a ridge of green hills fading into the ocean. We guarantee that this enriching trip will stay with you forever!
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