Tourist Tax

Starting from February 14, 2024, all foreigners entering Bali will be required to pay a mandatory tourist tax called Bali Levy, amounting to 150,000 Indonesian rupiahs (approximately $10).
All foreign tourists must pay the tax regardless of where they are arriving from, whether from another country or another part of Indonesia.
Island authorities state that the initiative was taken to preserve the environment, nature, and culture of Bali, as well as to improve the quality of tourist services.
The tax can be paid online before arriving in Bali through the official website.

Via apps:

Google Play

App Store 
or upon arrival at Denpasar airport.

To avoid queues at immigration, it is recommended to pay the tax in advance through electronic systems.

How to pay the tax through the Love Bali app or website?
Step 1. Go to the website or download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
Step 2. Enter your passport details, email, and date of entry into Bali. Choose the payment method.

Step 3. After payment, your Levy voucher will be sent to the specified email.

Step 4. Print the voucher or download it to your phone, and be prepared to present it at the immigration checkpoints upon entry.

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