Top 5 restaurants with infinity pools in Ubud

"In Ubud, there is no sea!” But there are jungles, a unique atmosphere, and infinity pools with breathtaking views of rice fields and palm trees that will take your breath away.
An infinity pool is designed in a way that water overflows over one or more edges, creating the illusion that the water surface has no boundaries.
If you stay in a hotel or a private villa, you might have such a pool on your premises. But what about those who don't have their own infinity pool? You can visit a restaurant with an infinity pool! We've gathered a selection of 5 such places in Ubud for you.
Bring your swimsuits. You can leave towels at home; they are included in the deposit cost.
Below: cafe names, deposit price per person if you want to use the pool, operating hours, and a short description indicating the type of relaxation it is best suited for.

Sayan Point

- Deposit: 175,000 Rp
- Operating hours: 9:00 - 22:00
- Panoramic view of the river with rapids, rice terraces, and jungles to the horizon. During the day, you can watch people rafting, and in the evening, enjoy the sunset. A visit to this restaurant will be a feast for your eyes, undoubtedly! The menu is as simple as in warungs. Prices are average: chicken satay - 65,000 Rp, cappuccino - 32,000 Rp, cocktails - 90,000 Rp. There are fewer people at 10:00, but it gets crowded by sunset, according to the waitstaff.

Ubud Sunset Pool Bar

- Deposit: 35,000 Rp
- Operating hours: 8:00 - 21:00
- Want to eat pizza while dipping your feet in the pool? Want a DJ to play music? Want to swim in a cool pool and then warm up in the jacuzzi? This is the place for you. The view from the pool overlooks flat rice fields and mountains.
Working here is inconvenient because the music is loud by lunch. It exudes an atmosphere of relaxation and chill. Tables are mostly of the coffee table type, although there are high ones with chargers too.
Cons: The pool water seems cool, and the jacuzzi water is close to boiling. So, you won't be able to sit there for long.
The menu is from the chef, so there's pork for tacos and unusual desserts. Pizza price - 80,000 Rp, flat white - 35,000 Rp, but it comes with a cookie and cucumber water. There are also hookahs for 160,000 Rp. Suitable for those tired of local food and wanting to spend time club-style.

Amora Ubud Boutique Villas

- Deposit: 90,000 Rp
- Operating hours: 7:00 - 22:00
- A cozy, quiet restaurant at the hotel with a view of the jungle and a small pool. You can sit alone for hours here. There are few people. Aesthetic presentation of dishes with flowers, sauces, and wide plates. Friendly staff. Ideal for sitting alone, with a friend, or inviting someone on a date. What you ordered can be brought to the pool on a floating basket if you wish. In the rain, the pool and the jungle look simply magical.
Flat white - 40,000 Rp, pasta on average - 110,000 Rp, cocktails - 80,000 Rp. There is a wine list by the bottle.

Belantara Restaurant 

- Deposit: 200,000 Rp
- Operating hours: 8:00 - 23:00
- A classic restaurant with a large pool. There are tables where you can practically lie down. Comfortable for large companies. Suitable for bringing parents or arriving by tour bus, but stylish hipsters won't like it. Too dull and proper a place. The coffee is not very tasty. Prices: flat white - 35,000 Rp, pizza - from 60,000 to 150,000 Rp, cocktails - 85,000 Rp.
For an additional fee, you can organize a marriage proposal with the decoration of a separate table and a flower path.

Jungle Fish Bali

- Deposit: 250,000 Rp and up
- Operating hours: 9:00 - 20:00
- A trendy space with burrata and Europeans. With the most expensive deposit per person and menu. The cuisine is local and Western. Seating by the pool varies: from sofas for 250,000 Rp to hanging sofas for 1,500,000 Rp. It is better to book a table in advance via WhatsApp +62 321 8989102 or the website Very knowledgeable staff who first and foremost want to make the stay pleasant for every guest. Flat white - 45,000 Rp, pizza - 110,000 Rp, cocktails - 140,000 Rp.
The largest pool on our list, but cool, so it's better to go there on a hot day. The view from the pool is of the jungle, but not the most beautiful part near the Artist's Trail. Many guests with children, although there is no specific infrastructure for them, so it is suitable for families and groups who value style.
Which one did you like? In what order would you like to visit these cafes? And which one would you absolutely not go to?
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