Tis Cafe - Instagrammable Cafe In Tegallalang

photo @tiscafeubud
If you love a breakfast, lunch or dinner that's not only delicious but also Instagrammable, Café Tis north of Ubud will be right up your alley.
photo @tiscafeubud
The cafe offers stunning views of the rice field. This whole place is imbued with a very friendly and cozy atmosphere in which you can have a pleasant time and relax.
photo @graindesablebali
The cafe has several nice features - direct access to the rice field, swings, two swimming pools and photo corner decorations. You can use the pool if you spend 200,000 rupees per person at the cafe.
photo @balidreamin
photo @kruegercaroline
The staff is friendly and attentive.
photo @ericasasono
Prices are average. Food and drinks are the usual mix of Indonesian and Western dishes. They have excellent juices, coffee, banana pancakes, smoothie bowls and pizza.
Thai chicken salad; photo tiscafeubud
rack of pork ribs
The cafe does not have its own parking lot. You need to park on a public street and then come here.
photo @jean.louis.lebouille
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