Thomas Beach

photo: leramulina
Atmosphere and Ambiance
The long beach, named after the guesthouse located on the cliff. It was a secret not long ago, but quickly gained popularity. The beach offers a very picturesque view from above.
Swimming should be done cautiously, closer to the stairs. From the stairs, about 50 meters to the right, and it's better during high tide. Further ahead, there is a strong shallow area. The bottom is rocky with grass. Do not step on the bottom because there are many sea urchins in the water.
photo: leramulina
Light beige, fine.
photo: leramulina
Weather and tides
Strong influence of tides. At low tide the water goes far away.
photo: leramulina
photo: leramulina
During mid-tide, people here often kayak and paddleboard. During low tide, you can splash around in the water opposite the stairs and for about 50 meters north of them. It's a fairly shallow bay surrounded by a reef that can be walked around.
At low tide, interesting spaces open up from the beach to the south and to the north. To the north of the beach towards Padang-Padang, there are beautiful spots for photo sessions.
photo: leramulina
photo: leramulina
During the rainy season, currents bring plastic onto the beach. In the dry season, the water is clean and transparent, and the beach is cleaned quite well. Only the view on the descent to the beach is greatly spoiled by a trash dump.
There is a sign at the turn to the beach from the main road. The road goes about 500 meters on limestone gravel. The descent down the steps is fairly easy, with concrete steps, wide, and with good railings in most sections.
Not too many people. There are families with children and wedding photographers.
Free access.
There are 5-7 warungs on the beach below, prices are not high, food is ordinary. There are 3 guesthouses on the cliff and on the beach.
photo: leramulina
Surfboards, kayaks and SUPs can be rented on the beach.
There is a mini-shop for souvenirs and beachwear.
photo: leramulina
There are no lifeguards on the beach. Don't walk barefoot on the reef, only wear flip-flops or reef shoes, as there are many sea urchins in the reef.
The road to the beach from the main road is quite deserted in the evenings. It's highly not recommended for lone women to drive on it, as attacks are possible.
At the top of the cliff, there is Thomas Guesthouse. To the north of the beach is Padang Padang, which can be reached at low tide.
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