The Kanto Lampo Waterfall in Gianyar

The Kanto Lampo Waterfall

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Kanto Lampo is located near the town of Gianyar and is easily accessible from both Ubud and Denpasar. To reach it, you need to turn from Gunung Agung Street onto the narrow streets of Gunung Abang and Kaliasem, where you can find parking.
The parking is small and suitable for motorbikes; if you arrive by car, you can park a bit further down the road. As you descend the massive concrete steps with railings, the beauty of the tropical forest unfolds before you. There is a changing room midway down the descent to the waterfall.
For adventurous spirits, you can descend to the river by taking the steps on the left and walk along the river. Locals often fish in this area, and there are eels and small fish in the water. Crossing the approximately 2-meter-wide river allows you to climb up the stones and find a cave with bats. Though the cave might not be particularly noteworthy, the viewing platform next to it offers a beautiful view of the waterfall.
Returning to the river, you can reach the Kanto Lampo waterfall itself. The stones are not very slippery, but there is a railing for convenience. Remove your shoes for a more comfortable walk. The river is shallow, but the water flow can be quite strong, and the bottom may not be visible.
The water flow in the waterfall is somewhat unstable depending on rainfall. After rain, the river water may become murky. If you visit after several clear days, the water will be transparent, but the waterfall might be less powerful.
Local residents claim that this is a young waterfall. For a long time, there was a rocky slope above the river, but after a significant prayer, the waterfall began to flow. There is another, more pragmatic version of the waterfall's appearance, stating that in 2015, landslides destroyed an irrigation canal, redirecting the water along a new course. Farmers were pleased with the potential income from waterfall visitors but were concerned about the loss of water for irrigation. Local authorities assured the farmers that there would be enough water for irrigation.
The name "Kanto Lampo" was given to the waterfall because of the type of tree with orange round fruits that grows in the area. There is an entrance fee of 5,000 rupiahs per person.
The road to the waterfall is not difficult, making it suitable for children. However, there are no picnic spots available.
You can climb the waterfall stones for beautiful photos, but make sure your camera or phone is adequately protected from water. It's best to have a waterproof bag/backpack or be very careful not to slip and drown your equipment.
You can enjoy a massage effect on the waterfall steps, depending on the water's power that day—relax under soft, warm streams or invigorate yourself with brisk, cold, yet pleasant splashes.
If Kanto Lampo doesn't quench your thirst for adventure, you can continue the waterfall tour and visit another waterfall, Goa Rang Reng, located 3 kilometers to the north.
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