The "Blue Lagoon" in Amed

Dedicated to all conquerors of Aling-Aling, who headed to Aling-Aling but ended up at the "Blue Lagoon."
The "Blue Lagoon" is a small lagoon located about 40-50 meters upstream from the Aling-Aling Waterfall. A small waterfall leads to it, where you can climb and pose. Further upstream in the canyon, other waterfalls beckon, creating a mysterious atmosphere.
The water in the lagoon is truly pleasant with a nice bluish tint, making it a delightful place for swimming.
This place is relatively easy to find. On the main road leading from south to north, take a sharp left turn here and continue winding through the village lanes of Ambengan, past rice fields, relying on Google Maps.
On the way, you might come across a turn to Jembong Waterfall. Over the years, it has transformed from a natural waterfall into something resembling a well-developed, not-so-good water park. Though Jembong itself is good for bathing.
Bypass Jembong and head to the "Blue Lagoon." A small parking lot for it is located in the yard of a local elder's house. Previously, he charged 5,000 rupiahs for parking and allowed guests into the lagoon. Now, savvy residents decided to monetize nature, and the rules have changed.
The entrance ticket to the lagoon costs 20,000 rupiahs. There's also an alternative ticket for 150,000 rupiahs, which includes "activities." These activities involve sliding down a water slide into the lagoon. The one-meter slide, so to speak, is quite unimpressive compared to the Kroya Waterfall slide, though it is quite scenic - no denying that.
Bathing is also included in the "activities."
If you opt for the 20,000 rupiah ticket, you'll be firmly warned that swimming is strictly prohibited with this ticket. And when you head down to the waterfall, a guide will likely accompany you to ensure you're not attempting to swim on the cheap with a 20,000 rupiah ticket instead of the 150,000 one.
You'll really want to swim. The descent isn't very long but quite steep. Concrete steps initially seem sturdy, although they lack railings. From the cliff, you'll have a majestic view of the canyon of the Aling-Aling Waterfall. But you won't reach its base and continue to other waterfalls downstream - Kroya, Kembaru, and Pucak - from the "Blue Lagoon." There is no path there. The cliff from where you can see the lagoon of Aling-Aling from above is made up of stones of varying slipperiness. Try not to take risks while attempting an epic selfie. Aling-Aling is very high and powerful, and it's not a waterfall for jumping, from the word "at all."
Undoubtedly, even without a descent to Aling-Aling, it is still a stunningly beautiful place.
To reach the lagoon, you'll have to pass through a pile of boulders. It's an exciting but slightly risky activity. Wear comfortable and non-slip shoes.
The water in the lagoon is clear and pleasant. You can come here for photos almost at any time of the day. The lagoon is a fairly open space, and there's always plenty of sunlight.
But whether swimming in it is worth 10 US dollars is quite an interesting question.
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