The bike won't start. What is the reason and what to do? Brief instructions

🛵🛵It's a great day, I want to get on a bike and race through the green Balinese streets towards a new day! You put on your beautiful helmet and press the starter, and the bike suddenly starts making sad sounds or does not show signs of life at all. It seems that everything is gone! But do not panic, now we will figure out what can be done with this trouble.
Let's start with the usual things that almost everyone sometimes forgets to do. Yes, it's a bit like a story about a computer not plugged into an outlet, but, nevertheless, it's worth running through this checklist. Let's mention a few more complex problems.
🛠️If suddenly nothing helps, it is important to remember a simple Indonesian word - Bengkel, pronounced "benkel". This is the common name of those numerous handicraft services of motorbikes that are located along the roads. The locals will definitely show you where the nearest one is, try to push your bike there, or call another Indonesian who will help solve the problem. As a rule, they don't leave people in trouble on the roads here. Most likely, in 5 minutes a whole council of prominent motorcycle experts will gather around your bike. Benkels, as a rule, do not work at night, and in general they like to close early, so try to break down in the daytime.
So, our checklist:
  • Check whether the key is turned to the desired position. Did the bike's headlights and scoreboard light up?
  • If you have a keyless system with a keychain, make sure that it is with you. You may have forgotten it in other clothes or a bag.
  • If the keychain is in place, check if it is turned on and if the battery is OK? Does the light on it light up when you press the control button?
  • Do not store the keyless access keychain in the trunk of the bike. It has a limited range, and the fact that it usually fires from the trunk won't last forever. The bag will roll away, the battery charge will weaken, and here is a classic situation - a closed bike with a key in the trunk. It's good that a few strong men, as a rule, can bend and lift the seat, but you will also need an elegant girl's hand to fish out a keychain from the trunk of a bike. In this case, the service key from the bike that comes with the kit can also help. Or the code from the bike, by entering which, you can start the vehicle or open its trunk. So you can write the code to your phone or, the old-fashioned way, on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet just in case. The process of entering the code is not fast, but at least the bike will start. To enter the code, you need to switch the bike to this mode. To do this, three times, for a long time, each time until the key indicator on the dashboard flashes, press the multifunctional bike control button, which is located in the place of the classic key. Then, when the key indicator on the panel starts to glow constantly, you need to hold down the button and count the number of flashes of the light bulb according to the digits of the code. For example, to enter the number 5, you need to hold down the button, count 5 blinks and release the button. Then repeat this for the remaining digits of the code. As a result, the bike will turn on. The same functions as with the key will be available.
  • Is the footrest removed? Yes, it can cause a smile, but even experienced bikers can face it. Moreover, on some bikes, the footrest sensor is disabled. I moved to a new bike, where the sensor is in order, and that's it - "broke". Moreover, there is a common problem on the Yamaha Lexi when, due to the "dying" sensor of the footrest, the bike tends to turn off the engine on the move. It is not very pleasant when a moped suddenly decides to rest during overtaking. The footrest, or rather, its sensor, can also fail from wear or impact. In this case, it will no longer matter whether it is removed or not, the bike will not start.
  • Is there any gasoline? Sometimes it can end, even if the indicator shows that there is still something in the tank. Unscrew the lid and check if this is really the case.
  • Do you squeeze the brakes well before pressing the starter? Sometimes, especially during the rainy season, the end caps that allow the engine to start are oxidized, and the brakes have to be pressed harder than usual. They can be cleaned in the service or independently using the WD-40. This problem occurs regularly on the Honda PCX, it is necessary to squeeze the rear brake until the second click.
  • It happens that the starter start button is also oxidized, especially Yamaha Nmax was exposed to this disease until 2020. In this case, you can disassemble the button and clean the contacts of the button.
  • All motorcycles and some motorbikes have a Killswitch button, as a rule, it is red and is located on the right handlebar. Make sure it is in the ON position.
  • If the bike does not show signs of life, sluggishly spins the starter or even makes only clicks, there is a high probability that the battery has run out. This often happens if, for example, you leave the bike on the side running board and do not turn it off. The headlight and display can use up the battery pretty quickly. In this case, you will either have to roll the bike to the nearest service, or pull out the battery and carry it for charging. As a rule, many workshops have a charger and in half an hour the battery will be ready.
  • A weak battery charge can also cause strange behavior of the on-board systems of a motorbike or motorcycle. Electronic brains, like human brains, refuse to work without proper nutrition.
  • Your bike may have clogged candles. In this case, the starter will spin up, but the ignition will not happen and the engine will not work. This problem will be solved in the nearest bench or official service, but if desired and with some skill on many bikes, you can get to the candles yourself using a standard set of tools that is hidden under the seat. Of course, you do not need to do this if you have seen a screwdriver only in the movies, because the number of problems from this may not decrease, but on the contrary, increase.
  • On new Yamaha Nmax models, younger than 2020, there is a problem with the voltage regulator, it happens that at some point the check indicator lights up on the dashboard, you go to the dealer, the mechanic says with a wide smile that nothing terrible has happened and simply erases the error. In fact, the motorbike needs a generator replacement. If this is not done within 2-3 days, the power wiring will burn out, the engine control unit and the battery will stop taking charge. You will find out about this when the battery runs out and the bike behaves as in point number 10.
In general, most modern motorbikes are very reliable. This is not surprising if we take into account that, for example, the PCX line has been produced since 2009, and Nmax since 2015, but these models were only a development of the previous ones. Most of the "childhood diseases" have been cured for a long time, engines, electrical systems and suspension amaze with their reliability and unpretentiousness and have been tested literally billions of kilometers. Of course, rare breakdowns are still possible, but we hope that everything will work out with the footrest not removed. Go through it on time, change the oil and brake fluid and the bike will delight you for years of trouble-free driving.
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