The beautification of the beach area near the Jimbaran fish market has begun

The residents of the Jimbaran area have long appealed to the authorities with proposals to improve the infrastructure of this beach, specifically its northern part. The region is popular among tourists due to its fish market and numerous seafood restaurants. However, the communities believe that after a thorough renovation and modernization of the beach, the well-being of the area will further improve.
Work is already underway to expand and upgrade the road from Jimbaran Beach to Muaya Beach. Simultaneously, the expansion of the road near Cafe 9 in Jimbaran has also begun.
Made Dharmayasa, the chairman of the Institute for Community Rights and Opportunities Expansion in the village of Jimbaran, stated that the project is 40% complete. Additionally, he hopes for an improvement in access to the west ring road Amdal Jalan Lingkar Barat Jimbaran, which is expected to be extended in 2024. The road expansion project itself is planned to be completed before the arrival of the new year.
Overall, the beach improvement project includes not only enhancing the transportation system but also modernizing the fishing infrastructure, constructing several markets, and implementing related actions, including sewage system improvements.
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