Tegal Wangi Beach

photo: leramulina
Atmosphere and surroundings
Very picturesque, small beach near the temple. Steep descent over rocks to the water. But this descent is very short-lived. Tegal Wangi Beach is a good place to enjoy the sunset from the beach or from the cliff. If you walk further along the beach, you can climb rocks and small caves. The stones are sharp, it is better to go with shoes.
There is a cave on the beach that is often used by photographers to create spectacular photographs. But be careful at high tide and in strong waves. Do not be in a cave if there is a possibility that an incoming wave will surge and block your exit.
photo: lolapantravels
You can't swim here. At high tide, a strong breaking wave comes to the beach. You can splash around the shore on it only in the complete absence of waves. There are rocks under water near the shore and it may be dangerous to enter.
photo: leramulina
Medium beige, fine and soft.
Weather and tides
Subject to the influence of tides. At low tides you can take spectacular photographs on the exposed rocks.
During the rainy season, the tides bring ocean debris here.
This beach is often visited by wedding and landscape photographers.
Entrance to the beach is free. Parking sometimes costs 2,000 rupees.
There are no lifeguards here.
Not far from the beach there is a point for cliff jumping.
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