Taman Ujung Water Palace in Karangasem

Taman Ujung Water Palace  
Photo: leramulina
Taman Ujung was built in 1909 by the last king of Karangasem, I Gusti Bagus Jelantik, also known as Anak Agung Agung Ketut Karangasem Anglurah. He ruled from 1909 to 1945.
Photo: leramulina
The palace is located in the village of Seraya in the Karangasem regency. Taman Ujung is a vast park with three artificial ponds and a small palace at the center of one of them. The area features several buildings and pavilions, fountains, beautiful pathways, stairs, and freely roaming turkeys. Taman Ujung is sometimes referred to as the sister of another water complex in Karangasem, Tirta Gangga.
The palace has been twice destroyed by natural disasters. In 1963, it survived the eruption of Mount Agung, during which hot ash fell on the buildings and the park. In 1979, a massive earthquake occurred. Each time, the park was reconstructed.
gallery at the entrance to the park; Photo: leramulina
In the Indonesian language, the word "Ujung" means "peak" or "extremity," and "Taman" translates to "garden." The place is also referred to as Sukasada Park.
The park's grounds cover approximately 10 hectares of space near the ocean.  
the bridge leading to the palace across the pond from the north side; Photo: leramulina
the bridge leading to the palace across the pond from the south side; Photo: leramulina
the bridge leading to the palace across the pond from the south side; Photo: leramulina
The palace was constructed as a venue for official meetings of leaders and delegations. The main pavilion houses an exhibition of photographs depicting the royal dynasties of Bali and neighboring islands. Previously, visitors could enter the modest bedroom of the ruler of Karangasem, one of the four rooms in the palace. However, in recent times, the doors to it have been closed.  
the royal chambers, currently closed to visitors
The royal chambers, currently closed to visitors
Visitors are only allowed to enter two rooms of the palace, which, however, are empty.
Photo: leramulina
The complex underwent several renovations and expansions, including the increase in the number of water features.
Photo: leramulina
There is a legend that in ancient times, rumors reached the king of Karangasem that people in the vicinity were using black magic to weaken his power. The ruler ordered his soldiers to arrest all suspects. All the suspects were gathered in a field, which is now the location of the palace, to await the king's judgment. He spared no one. This place had a terrible reputation for a very long time, and locals do not recommend visiting it at night, as it is believed to be haunted.
Therefore, the central water feature of the complex is called Kolam Dirah, and this name is associated with the legend of the witch queen Calonarang.
The architecture of the park and palace blends Balinese and European influences, evident in the ornate columns, statues, details of the water features, and pavilions. The architects responsible were the Dutchman Van Den Hentz and the Chinese Loto Ang. The European influence is particularly noticeable in the use of stained glass for the palace.  
bas-reliefs in the interior of the palace depicting scenes from the Ramayana; Photo: leramulina
Photo: leramulina
Photo: leramulina
The construction of the park commenced with the creation of the main pond in 1901 and the entire complex was completed by 1921.
Photo: leramulina
In the northwest part of the park, there are cottages for visitors who would like to stay overnight. It is a 4-star resort with a pool called Taman Surgawi.
There is also a Balinese temple and a sacred spring on the premises. The most beautiful views are from the hill located on the western side of the park. From there, you can enjoy the Lombok Strait and the view of Mount Lempuyang.
view of the park from the western hill; Photo: leramulina
The park is very well-maintained and beautiful. There are many flowers and fruit trees throughout.  
Photo: leramulina
Many newlyweds often come here for photo sessions. The atmosphere in the park is quiet and peaceful.
Photo: leramulina
Photo: leramulina
Photo: leramulina
If you come to the park, it's better to come early in the morning. Firstly, there won't be as many visitors, and secondly, you won't suffer from the heat because the park's space is quite open, and there isn't much shade.  
pavilion on a hill on the west side of the park; Photo: leramulina
The entrance to the palace costs 50,000 Indonesian Rupiahs for adults. There are around ten shops selling food, drinks, and souvenirs in front of the gates.  
the official video from Taman Unjung Park
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