Taman Nusa Cultural Park

The idea for the park was conceived by Javanese Santoso Senangsyah. His vision received strong support from all members of his family and the administration of Bali. The construction of the park took approximately 7 years. Santoso, along with his family, personally traveled throughout Indonesia in search of suitable structures, ideas, craftsmen, and assistants without whom the park would never have materialized.  
The main idea of the project is to showcase the diversity of Indonesian cultures. Taman Nusa spans 15 hectares of land and features structures and temples from various parts of Indonesia. Visitors are allowed to enter all the houses, examine the furniture, household items, and utensils.  
In addition to geographical diversity, the park also presents a chronological display of the country's development. The exposition begins with the prehistoric era, moves through the Bronze Age, advanced kingdoms, and smoothly transitions into contemporary Indonesia and the future of Indonesia.  
On the Taman Nusa grounds, there are 78 houses and structures. There is even a scaled-down replica of the famous Borobudur Temple. Some structures were specifically built for the park, while others are authentic houses that are over a hundred years old and were brought to Taman Nusa. In addition to the buildings, representatives of ethnic groups and peoples work in the park, enhancing the atmosphere of the houses with their presence, traditional clothing, and activities. At Taman Nusa, every visitor has the opportunity to explore the diversity of Indonesian cultures and traditions, witness various crafts, and experience the traditional arts of Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Java, Papua, and many other islands.  
In addition to the structures, the park features statues of Prime Minister Gadjah Mada, President Soekarno, and Vice President Hatta. The park also includes a theater, diorama, library, and two museums that vividly showcase the richness of the nation's cultural heritage, including traditional arts like wayang, batik, weaving, and embroidery.
The entrance fee to the park varies. The basic ticket costs $39 for adults and $29 for children. It includes access to all structures, the miniature replica of Borobudur, and entry to the museums.  
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