Sebatu Holy Springs in Tegalalang

Photo by ubudyogacentre
Driving further along the road from Gunung Kavi Sebatu Temple for about 500-600 meters, the road will wind and there will be a roundabout with a monument in the middle. Turn left at the monument and drive another 100-200 meters, leave your car in the parking lot and continue walking down the road, then down the steps. There are very powerful and strong holy springs for cleansing ceremonies. Stand under the waterfall facing the rock and then facing away from the rock.

Sebatu Holy Springs

There are signs with the handwritten word 'Sebatu' so you'll know where to go. The energy is very powerful. The water is cold but not ice-cold. There are no tourists, only locals. It's advisable to bring an offering, a small cloth pouch for the waterfall and a square one for the altar above the waterfall. Sarongs are mandatory for men and women and a change of clothes is recommended to avoid walking around in wet clothes. Men can go shirtless; women can wear a sleeveless top.
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