Savaya (formerly OMNIA) - the best Day club in the south of the island

Savaya Dayclub (formerly OMNIA)
One of the most visited places among guests of Bali. Ocean views, infinity pools and high DJ platforms. Savaya is perhaps one of the most elite of all entertainment venues on the island. This space is located 100 meters above the Indian Ocean. Savaya is known for its shiny disco cube that balances above a raised bar platform.
There is an admission fee and you need to be on the guest list to attend the party. It is better to book tables in advance and remember that the bill for food and drinks will be in the hundreds of dollars.
In 2015, the club world was rocked by the opening of a new establishment in Las Vegas, OMNIA Nightclub, which from a newcomer in a matter of weeks became one of the most visited clubs in the United States, and a month later, the most famous DJs in the world were already trying to perform there
At the very beginning of 2018, the Las Vegas club star had a brother, OMNIA Dayclub - this is by far the most fashionable club on the island today, rumors about it began to circulate long before the opening.
The building was not just built, but tastefully integrated into the unique natural landscape of the island thanks to the efforts of two leading architectural agencies - Singaporeans WOHA and New Yorkers Rockwell Group.
The gastronomic heart of the club is the best Japanese restaurant in Bali, Sake no Hana, popular thanks to the collaboration of chefs Hendry (Indonesia) and Hideki Hiwatashi (Japan), who were brought together by the creators of the London restaurant brand Hakkasan.
The creators of the restaurant claim that their main principle is “shun” - the moment of the highest ideal when all components merge into one harmonious whole.
“I am convinced that every cuisine in the world is a living, developing organism, subject to the influence of nature and society,” shares Chef Hiwatashi. “As a chef trained in the classical Japanese tradition but working and living in London, I have brought these opposing traditions together in the new Sake no Hana Bali menu. My respect for the fragile world of the ocean is expressed in the perfectionism with which I approach the preparation of dishes.”
The Sake no Hana restaurant, in all its severity and elegance, seems to rise above the lively and seething club space, and the main platform of the restaurant, which the organizers call “the cube,” seems to float above the ocean, slightly extending beyond the boundaries of the mountain plateau.
The Savaya club area is an endless infinity pool that forms a common perspective with the ocean, wide sun loungers that evoke associations with king-size beds, soft platforms in the middle of the pool, on which you can sunbathe or sip a cocktail, a dance floor over which the world stars of club music reign ( and, according to the Hakkasan Group policy, only the best musicians perform in their clubs).
When going to Savaya, it is better to book your seats in advance ( - a table in a restaurant, a day bed (about 1,200,000 rupees for two) or a bungalow (from 8 to 15 million rupees). The entry deposit goes into the club account and can be spent on food and drinks.
The entrance ticket costs 200,000 rupees, more expensive on days of DJ performances, find out on the 
on the club website.
The dress code at the club does not include clothing that advertises alcoholic beverages or torn clothing items. Swimsuits and swimming trunks are naturally not prohibited. Entrance to the club is only for visitors over 21 years of age (the club staff reserves the right to require an identification document from the guest).
Savaya Dayclub Bali opens at 11:00 am and closes at 7:00 pm.
Sake no Hana restaurant is open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.
For details about events and entry fees, visit the  club website
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