Pura Melanting Temple in the north of Bali

The Melanting Temple is one of the temples built in memory of the visit of the Javanese Hindu priest Danghyang Nirartha.
According to legend, the temple was constructed at the spot where the priest's eldest daughter, Ida Swabawa, transformed into a spirit.
To reach the temple from the main road, you have to drive through small jungles and the homes of local residents. From the parking area, you can access the Melanting Temple via staircases.
The temple building was reconstructed by the government and redesigned by the renowned Balinese architect, Ida Bagus Tugur.
Two huge dragon statues adorn the main gates. The temple looks majestic from the parking area. On the way to the main gates, before ascending to the temple, there is a small square where people gather to pray, make requests, and take holy water.
Like most temples in Bali, you enter the inner courtyard through the main gates.
From the temple, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the green tiered hills, with the blue Java Sea visible in the distance. The atmosphere here is very calming.
The monks who take care of the temple are very hospitable. You can rent sarongs from them and gather information about the temple.
Indus people come to this temple to pray not only from the surrounding areas but from all corners of Bali and even beyond the island.
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