Protection from mosquitoes. Mosquito repellents in Bali

If you are facing the problem of mosquito bites, you can easily purchase products in Bali to help you fight these insects.
The most effective remedies that are tested by long time residents in Bali are below.
Soffell body spray
You need to take a spray because it is easy to spray on your body, and it is better to take an orange spray. It smells good and effectively repels mosquitoes. However, it does not help everyone and its effect is not long enough. It is sold in any minimart.
Take it if you are not afraid of "chemicals". You can sprinkle it in your room in the evening before going to bed. You'll have a peaceful night. It is also very afraid of cockroaches, ants and flies. It's sold everywhere, in any minimart.
One Push
It's also for sprinkling in the room. Not for the body in any way. The bottle is small but very effective. Excellent copes with mosquitoes. The smell is pleasant, not nasty. Sold in minimarts. Alphamart definitely has it.
Utama Spice
A more natural body product. It is sold in Guardian stores and in Utama Spice branded salons.
It costs around Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 55,000. The smell is very pleasant.
Sitronella oil
Sitronella oil is sold in almost every store here.
You can use it indoors, for example in an aroma lamp - it is a great mosquito repellent!
It costs 25,000 rupees a jar.
Mosquito repellent for children
If you need to protect your baby from mosquitoes, look for Minyak Telon oil in stores or markets.
It's a great product, suitable for children from 8 months of age. It also quickly relieves irritation and redness after a bite.
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