Police Raided a Villa Suspected of Being Used as a Drug Lab

The characters of Guy Ritchie's film "The Gentlemen" felt like Balinese police. During a raid on one of the expensive villas in Canggu, they discovered two drug laboratories. One was producing methamphetamine, and the other was growing hydroponic marijuana.
Photo: Jakarta Globe
Brigadier General Mukti Juharsa, director of the drug enforcement department of the National Police Criminal Investigation Agency, refused to disclose all the details of the case. However, he confirmed that three foreigners, who were allegedly involved in the production of illegal substances at the villa, were detained. He did not specify their nationality, citing the ongoing investigation.
Photo: VOI.id
It is known that both laboratories were equipped with quite modern equipment. For hydroponics, ultraviolet lighting was installed in the villa's basements. In addition, the laboratory owners provided an automatic watering system and air temperature control. Operatives are determining who and through which channels distributed the drugs produced.
Meanwhile, under the post about the raid, local users speculate about the nationality of the organizers of the laboratories and are surprised at the reckless risk they took by deciding to engage in drug production in Indonesia. Here, very severe punishment is provided for this.
However, this does not always deter foreigners. Earlier, the police detained a 50-year-old Spaniard who was growing marijuana at his villa located in the village of Tibubeneng near Berawa Beach. His bathroom was converted into a hydroponic greenhouse.
Modifications included the installation of LED lamps, as well as humidity regulators and meters. There was also an air conditioner in operation, along with containers of fertilizers and other materials.
During the search, 19 pot plants of marijuana ranging from 65 to 108 cm in height were discovered.
Prior to this, Balinese law enforcement officers detained a couple from Russia in Jimbaran. In the house of the arrested individuals, 710 grams of marijuana were found.
In the house where the young couple had been renting for 2 years, 6 containers containing 710 grams of marijuana, 14 pots with seeds, 14 marijuana sprouts, 2 electronic scales, a press, ultraviolet lamps, filters, fans, thermometers, pots of various sizes, bags of soil, irrigation devices, and other items for growing plants were found.
As a result, the man was sentenced under Article 111 on narcotics for four years and two months, and his wife for one year. They have already served their sentence and were deported to their homeland.
Sources: JakartaGlobeVOI.id
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