Photographer in Jakarta Exposes Phone Thieves!

Jakarta is one of the most polluted cities in the world. Periodically, car-free days are held there, during which several major streets are closed to cars and motorbikes. Many residents take to the streets to walk, run, and engage in other sports. On one of these days, thieves on a motorbike suddenly snatched a phone from one of the runners. The victim, a teenager, was jogging with his family on General Sudirman Street when his phone was abruptly taken from his hands. Even the police couldn't stop the thieves, who disappeared instantly.
Photo: timenews
It would likely have been difficult to find them, but this incident was accidentally captured by the camera of Roni Asnan, a photographer active on Instagram with the account @asnanfoto. Roni was photographing people exercising when the robbery occurred. The thief's face was clearly captured in one of his shots.
"Let's look out for each other," he wrote on his Instagram account. Roni posted the photos, and they quickly went viral. Social media users spread the photo in hopes that the perpetrator would soon be caught. Many praised Roni's quick reflexes in capturing this critical moment, even though it was accidental, and warned of potential retaliation from the gang.
The police issued an ultimatum demanding that the people in the photograph surrender immediately before further actions are taken. "We urge the suspects clearly depicted in these photos to surrender immediately. If not, we will take all necessary measures to arrest them," said Rahmat Hidayat, the South Jakarta Police Chief. The bike’s license plate number, a Honda Beat Street, on which the thieves were riding, was also captured in the photo.
The police chief also praised the quick work of the photographer, who took the risk to capture the moment. "We greatly appreciate the courage and vigilance of local residents in assisting law enforcement. These photos are very helpful in identifying the criminals and expediting the investigation process,” he continued.
The police urge citizens to remain cautious and report such incidents to the authorities immediately. They also advise keeping a close watch on personal belongings, especially in crowded places.
Sources: timemewsjawapos
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