Pengibul Waterfall / Taman Sari (Pengibul / Taman Sari) in Bangli district

Pengibul Waterfall / Taman Sari
If you approach the waterfall from the west, the Balinese people by the road will invite you to Taman Sari. If you come from the east, heading towards the Tibumana waterfall, it will be called Pengibul. That's Balinese marketing for you.
From the Taman Sari side, there is a large parking lot for cars and motorcycles. Then, you cross the road and descend to the waterfall. At the beginning of the path, there is a kiosk where locals collect donations. The recommended donation is 15,000 rupiahs.
Comfortable concrete steps lead down. The walk is not very far, just about three minutes. The waterfall can be visited with children.
On the way to the waterfall, there will be a toilet. However, most people usually change clothes at the bottom near the waterfall.
The distinctive feature of this waterfall is its two tiers.  
On the lower tier, there is a spacious pool where water flows over the rocks. The depth near the close shore is about 1 meter, but it becomes shallower closer to the cascade, approximately half a meter.
The bottom is normal, sandy, but sometimes there are rocks. Closer to the left side of the lagoon, underwater, there is a huge rock about a meter in diameter that you can climb onto.
It's very pleasant to lean on the rocks and stand under the water streams. They are moderately strong and provide a nice, soothing massage
The water in the pool is a bit murky. Large details, such as boulders, are visible but not very clearly.
Close to the waterfall, locals are arranging the space, workers carry bricks and bags of cement. Tourists leave their belongings on bamboo benches opposite the pool.
In the right part of the pool, there are concrete platforms underwater. Balinese people jump into the pool from these platforms.
If you go along these platforms, cross the river, and go up, there will be a road with rice fields that will lead you about 500-600 meters to the Tibumana Waterfall.
On the second tier of the waterfall, you can climb quite steep steps. Balinese people have thoughtfully attached iron handrails to them. People go up to take photos on the unusual stone-carved surface and splash around in the small upper lagoon.
Cool waterfall. Not very high, but pleasant.
Not worth coming for photography after 4:00 PM. The sun is already setting, and the water is no longer illuminated by its rays.
If you didn't enjoy bathing in the slightly muddy water, you can take a shower after swimming. Right by the pool, there is a shower with tap water and good pressure. It's a shower and massage combined.
Before entering the waterfall, there is a place for "melukat" – a Balinese sacred cleansing. However, it's not the most impressive and atmospheric location for "melukat."
Also, there is a small hut before the entrance where you can take a shower and change.
Pengibul is a good waterfall to visit with children, not too far from Ubud.
It's also suitable if you don't like to descend too far.
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