Pasifika Museum

The Pasifika Museum is located in Nusa Dua within a luxurious resort park. It is dedicated to the art of Pacific region artists. The museum's collection includes more than 600 artworks from 200 artists of 25 countries. In addition to paintings by Asian artists, there are several works by Gogen, who visited Bali in his time. The museum's collection also features works by the famous Javanese artist Raden Saleh and Balinese artist Nyoman Gunars.

Building and Galleries

The Pasifika Museum is built in traditional Balinese style. It consists of eleven galleries, each with its own direction or style. The first gallery presents Indonesian artists, from the second to the fourth - Europeans who created in Indonesia (Italy, the Netherlands, France). The fifth hall presents Indo-European artists, the sixth holds temporary exhibitions. In the seventh hall, guests can see artists from Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, in the eighth - from Polynesia and Tahiti. In the ninth - artists from Oceania, in other halls - artists from Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. The tenth hall is dedicated to the works of two masters - Aloi Pilioko and Nicolai Michoutouchkine. And in the eleventh hall, you can see paintings by artists from China, Japan and Thailand.
The museum was founded in 2006. In addition to paintings, the museum contains artifacts from Pacific region countries, including ritual masks and costumes, and wooden pagan idols.

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