Opening an account with OCBC NISP premium bank

Opening an account with OCBC NISP premium bank has become available.
With us you can open an account in this bank with or without KITAS.
When you open an account you will receive:
- a Mastercard;
- the card is issued mainly for 5 years, in some branches can be opened for 2-3 years;
- the card is not named (a named card can be ordered when visiting the bank. Production term - 1 week);
- the card is issued for accounts with different currencies, there are 12 in total ( idr, usd, eur, aud, gbp, sgd, jpy, hkd, cnh, chf, nzd, cad.) The currency at the ATM will follow the country. For example, if you are in Singapore, the ATM will connect to the sgd currency;
- the card works outside Indonesia;
- mobile application in Indonesian and English;
- possibility to link to Apple Pay and PayPal.
Limit on transfers to other banks: online transfer - 100 million, bi fast - 250 million, LLG - 200 million, RTGS - 1 billion.
- Deposit for rupee account - 50,000,000 IDR;
- Term deposit for 3 months - 25,000,000 IDR;
- Monthly investment payment - 1,000,000 IDR (Payment for 1 year every month. This is your mandatory investment payment to the bank, which will be your investment product and will belong to you. After 1 year you will be able to dispose of these investments);
- Deposit for USD account - you can deposit any amount;
(In order to open a USD account, you must first open a rupee account. You cannot open a USD account separately).
How do you open an OCBC NISP card?
Fill out the questionnaire. It is obligatory to specify the place of work! Freelancers and unemployed people are refused to open an account, specify any place of work of friends or relatives. The main thing is to specify the company and position in it.
After filling out the form, text us:
via Telegram - @legalindonesia / @LegalIndonesiaBot 
or via Whats App
We will give it to a specialist and you will be put on a waiting list for a bank appointment.
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