Opening an Indonesian Bank Account

Exciting news! You can now easily open a bank account at one of the top 5 Indonesian banks 💳
While in many countries, a residency permit is required to open a bank account, in Indonesia, anyone with a visa on arrival or a B211 visa can become a bank client, provided they have the required documents and a recommendation letter.
We've assisted numerous clients in opening accounts at Indonesia's top banks, and we're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to open an account with one of these prestigious institutions:
▫️ BNI
▫️ Mega bank (*processing is within 3 working days).
▫️ Permata
▫️ Mandiri
▫️ Mybank
We've streamlined the process, so you can expect faster processing times - as little as 2 days, depending on the chosen bank❗️
Cost: 500,000 IDR
Our services include:
  • A letter of recommendation
  • Preparation of all necessary documents
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