Munduk Red Coral Waterfall

Photo: Kody
The Munduk Red Coral and Melanting waterfalls are located very close to each other, so it makes sense to visit both. Especially since visually they are somewhat different, and the surrounding space is also different.
It is more convenient to reach the Red Coral waterfall from the village of Munduk rather than from the village of Gobleg. There are two convenient parking lots on both sides of the main road. The cost of motorbike parking is 2,000 rupiah.
Behind this house at the turn, there is a large car parking area.
Further down, there is a concrete path with notches. Local residents whose houses are located along the path use it, but there are quite steep turns on the path, so it's better to leave the motorbike at the top.
The Munduk Red Coral waterfall is located approximately 300 meters down the path.
Along the way, you can enjoy the view of lush tropical vegetation and observe the courtyards of local residents' houses.
Approximately halfway along the path, you will encounter a ticket booth. The ticket price for one adult is 20,000 rupiah. Near the booth, there is also a toilet.
Near the bottom, almost at the waterfall itself, there is a well-maintained garden with flowers and benches where you can catch your breath.
Also, at the bottom, there is another ticket booth. It is intended for those who come to the Red Coral waterfall from the direction of the Melanting and Labuan Kebo waterfalls via another trail.
path from the Munduk Red Coral waterfall to Melanting
view of the river from the bridge
A nice wicker bridge leads to the site at the Munduk waterfall and the lagoon below it.
At Munduk, guests are greeted by pleasant coolness and the roar of falling water. The space around the waterfall is quite vast and well lit by the sun.
At the waterfall, there is a natural pool where you can refresh yourself. If you go under the stream, the depth will be about 1 - 1.2 meters. The height of Munduk is approximately 15 - 20 meters.
Photo: Don Ehlen
If you have enough time, you can continue your journey along the trail below the lower ticket booth and visit the Melanting waterfall. It is located approximately one kilometer from Munduk. Make sure to have enough time and energy.
The Munduk Red Coral and Melanting waterfalls are located at an altitude of approximately 850 meters above sea level. They are situated in an area rich in cloves and coffee, and the road to them passes through coffee and clove plantations.
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