Mengiat Beach

The water is an unusual azure color. Suitable for families with children.
Light beige, soft
Weather and tides
During strong storms, water often brings seaweed onto the shore and into the water near the shore, making swimming difficult. Swimming is possible all the time, with a normal depth. The bottom is sandy, but during the strongest ebb, there are rocks at the bottom. During this time, swimming is only possible opposite the iodine hotel, as there are shallows on the left and right.
Seaweed is not cleared from the beach after a storm. If there is no storm, the coastline is clean.
The beach is quite crowded. Guests from neighboring hotels and locals also come.
Entry for bikes is chargeable. Parking is 2,000 rupees per moped. There is a large parking lot.
Located between Ayodhya and Inna Putri Bali hotels. To the south, the next public beach is Geger.
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