Manta Point on the island of Nusa Penida

Snorkeling at Manta Point is one of the most vivid experiences that can happen in your life.
The underwater giants, gliding in the ocean like in the sky, will stay in your memory for a long time.
You can book a snorkeling excursion to Manta Point on Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, or directly on Bali through MyBaliTrips.
During snorkeling, guides carefully scan the waters to spot mantas. Once the mantas appear, the guides signal to the tourists where to swim.
Mantas might seem intimidating at first, with body sizes reaching up to 5 meters. However, soon you realize they are completely harmless. Manta Point can host several dozen mantas during a single dive.
It's unbelievably beautiful. Huge mantas beside you. It feels like reaching out, and you'll touch them.
Mantas are very impressive, especially when they swiftly approach you from the depths of the ocean. The sensations and memories are magnificent.
Remember not to touch mantas. They have a special protective layer on their skin that can be disrupted by touch. If this layer is damaged, the manta can get sick.
Excursions to Manta Point often include other locations, such as Crystal Bay, where you can see colorful fish and giant turtles.
You cannot reach Manta Point by car or bike and then descend to the water for snorkeling or diving. There is no access from the cliffs. You can only get to this place by boat. Alternatively, you can come by car or bike and simply enjoy the waves from the cliffs.
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