Maha Gangga Valley Eco Camping in Karangasem Bali

here and further photo by @mahaganggavalley
Just a couple of minutes' drive from the Tirta Gangga water park, a new tourist attraction has emerged - the Maha Gangga Valley eco-camp or the "Valley of the Great Ganges."
This place is located on the east side of Bali, in the Karangasem region. It will be convenient to visit if you decide to explore the "temple in the clouds" Pura Lempuyang, the Ujung Water Palace, the white beach of Virgin, see the sunken ship Liberty, and other treasures of Karangasem.
The location is positioned as a camping site. It is equipped with huts that beg to be featured on Instagram accounts.
Nearby, there are two small waterfalls. They cascade into a relatively shallow lagoon with clear water, where children can enjoy riding on inner tubes.
The huts are equipped with mattresses, pillows, blankets, campfire spots with firewood, and lanterns. Guests are served breakfast, offered walks through the rice fields, and provided with photo spots. Of course, there are toilets, showers, and electrical outlets.
If you don't plan to stay overnight at the campsite but want to explore and take photos, you need to pay 50,000 Indonesian Rupiahs and enjoy the Instagram-worthy decorations.
On the premises, there is even a miniature replica of the cemetery in Trunyan with skulls made of stone.  
Accommodation costs 500,000 per night in a hut for four people. Breakfast, trekking tour, and selfie tour are already included in this price. If you are lucky and the weather is clear, early in the morning, you can enjoy the view of Mount Agung, framed by the greenery of forests and rice fields.  
For added romance in the evening, you can light a bonfire and grill some simple food right there in the camping area, or order dinner from the restaurant.  
All pathways in the park pass through beds and plantations of rice, tomatoes, eggplants, zucchinis, and many other crops.
This place can be enjoyable for children. At every corner, you can find various decorations. Kids can feel like explorers in a place full of amusing objects. If you've spent a whole day on excursions and your little ones need more activity, you can bring them to this eco-park before heading back to South Bali or Ubud.
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