Lipah Beach, Bali

Atmosphere and surroundings
This is perhaps the only sandy beach in Amed. The remaining beaches of Amed and nearby Tulamben are known for their pebble shores. In Lipakha, the sand is soft and gentle and pleasant to lie on, even if you cover it with a sarong. It is not necessary to take sun loungers.
The water is usually transparent, clean, and calm without waves. However, during Bali's windy and stormy seasons, there may be small waves. Generally, the calmness of the water allows for comfortable snorkeling right from the shore. You don't even necessarily need to take a boat. The water warms up nicely, and swimming on the surface is pleasant. If you plan to snorkel for a while and intend to dive deeper, you can wear a wetsuit.
For snorkeling at Lipah Beach, the main attraction is the reef on the right side of the beach. Somewhere around the middle, there is an old half-ruined boat, but it's very small and not particularly interesting. On the left side of the beach, there is also a reef, but due to a lot of sand on the seabed, the water there is murkier, resulting in poorer visibility.
The sand is of a mixed type. Some areas have black volcanic sand, while there are patches of coral sand interspersed. Overall, it blends together to form a dark gray sand. The sand on the beach is fine and fairly dense, making it comfortable for walking. You can even jog here if you don't mind that the beach is quite short.
photo: Bea Pierce
Weather and Tides
The beach is affected by tides. During high tide, it's nice that on the right side of the beach (to the south), it's quite easy to enter the water without worrying about stepping on the reef and corals. During low tide, the reef on the right side of the beach is exposed, and entering the water is not as easy. Initially, it will be shallow and you'll have to walk somewhat uncomfortably on the seabed. In this case, you can walk about 100-150 meters north, away from the Vienna Beach Resort. There you will find a fairly comfortable entry into the water, which remains convenient even during strong low tides.
The beach is clean. Local resorts take constant care of cleanliness and regularly clean the beach. In the part of the beach that is not affiliated with the hotels and where boats are parked, there may be rocks, leaves, and small sticks brought in by the waves.
The easiest way to access the beach is through the Vienna Beach Resort, located on the south-right side. There's parking for motorcycles and a restaurant with a beach view. You can simply walk through the restaurant and onto the beach without any fee.
However, you can access the beach from other points as well. It's just that this is the most popular entrance due to the good snorkeling site available there.
At the entrance to the beach from the side of Pondok Vienna, there is a hose where you can wash your feet off the sand. Most of the infrastructure like toilets or changing rooms is located within the resorts by the beach.
At Lipah Beach, you can rent sun loungers or snorkeling gear like masks, snorkels, and fins. Along the street that runs parallel to the shoreline, slightly inland, there are various restaurants and warungs of different price ranges.
The beach is very safe. You can leave your belongings if you go snorkeling. There have been no thefts reported. The water is generally calm, although sometimes freedivers and snorkelers have noticed currents.
If you're in Amed, be sure to try diving. Here and in the nearby village of Tulamben, there are stunning dive sites with underwater statues, sunken ships, and beautiful underwater walls where you can encounter octopuses, turtles, rays, moray eels, giant groupers, and other marine creatures.
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