Laser hair removal. Laser hair removal clinics.

Clinics offering laser hair removal in Bali
The Silk Road
WhatsApp: +62 822 3777 2939
🌱 The team works with a powerful modern device that allows achieving results quickly.
🌱 The laser is equipped with a modern contact cooling system, ensuring a painless procedure.
🌱 Specialists have medical education (!) and extensive experience in the field of laser hair removal.
🌱 All equipment is disinfected, and only disposable materials are used during the procedure.
Reasonable prices, convenient location, pleasant service!
Rejuvie Aesthetic, Anti-Aging & Dental Clinic Kuta
Email address:
WhatsApp: +6281236332000  
You can schedule a consultation by filling out a form on the website; they respond quite quickly. Skilled specialists in hair removal. They perform procedures effectively while minimizing pain during the process.
Some time ago, they offered a 20% discount on laser hair removal with the Bali Girls Facebook Community promo code. If you're planning to get procedures done, inquire if this discount is still available.
Periodically, they of
fer discounts on packages of hair removal services.
They also provide botox injections, fillers, and many other procedures. The clinic has many foreign patients from Australia and Europe. They excel at mole removal, including large moles and those in hairy areas. The main doctor at the clinic, Dr. Murino, is particularly skilled in this.
Cocoon Medical Spa
Phone in Kuta: +62 8113882240
Phone in Ubud: +62 8113882241  
Thank you for sharing your experience. It sounds like you had mixed results with the laser hair removal procedures at Cocoon Medical Spa. It's important to have a good consultation and communication with the technicians before undergoing any treatments to ensure the best possible results. If you're interested in trying again or exploring other options, reaching out to them for updated information and discussing your concerns might be helpful. Always make sure to thoroughly research and communicate your expectations before undergoing any cosmetic procedures.
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