Isra Mi'raj
The Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad is a significant holiday celebrated by all Muslims in Indonesia.
The Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad is also known as Isra Mi'raj. Since the date is calculated according to the Islamic lunar calendar, it may be celebrated on different days of the Gregorian calendar.
This day is observed modestly. Indonesian Muslims discuss the history of the Ascension with family members, accompanied by sweets and light food.
A common practice on this day is attending prayers at local mosques.
Isra Mi'raj commemorates the Prophet Muhammad's night journey to the heavens after meeting the angel Gabriel during prayer in a mountain cave near Mecca.
Muhammad agreed to God's demand to establish Islam and teach the world about the existence of one unified God. According to the Quran, Muhammad left the Holy Mosque in Mecca and traveled to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. From Al-Aqsa Mosque, the angel Gabriel directed Muhammad to the realm of the Lord and the seven heavens.
At the gates of the first heaven, Muhammad and Gabriel were greeted by the Prophet Adam. According to Jewish tradition, Adam is the forefather of all humanity. Adam was granted the opportunity to see that one of his greatest descendants would become a messenger of God. After traveling through the first heavens, Muhammad and Gabriel reached the gates of the second heaven. There, they met Jesus. While in Christianity, he is known as the baptizer and Messiah, according to the Quran, Jesus and John were simply servants of the Lord who performed great deeds during their lives. The prophets greeted Muhammad with words of praise. After this, Muhammad and Gabriel were allowed to enter the second heaven.
At the gates of the third heaven, Muhammad met Joseph, the father of Jesus. Joseph was impressed by the Prophet's willingness to serve God. Like the previous gatekeepers, Joseph allowed Muhammad to pass through the gates.
At the gates of the fourth heaven, Muhammad and Gabriel encountered Enoch. According to the Quran, Enoch was a highly enlightened and insightful prophet. Enoch recognized Muhammad's true intentions to serve God and establish Islam and proudly let him pass.
At the fifth gates, Muhammad met Aaron, the brother of Moses. Most Muslims know that encountering a figure associated with Moses was a sign of significant events to come. Therefore, Muhammad was very pleased with this meeting. Aaron joyfully greeted Moses and invited him to the fifth heavens.
At the gates of the sixth heaven, Muhammad met Moses. For Muslims, Moses is a crucial figure. Moses predicted the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad. Now, Moses was glad to see that Muhammad had accepted his destiny and was ready to carry out his mission. He allowed him to pass to the sixth heavens.
At the gates of the seventh heavens, Muhammad met Abraham, one of the central figures in Islam. Abraham symbolizes pure obedience to God's will. Muhammad declared that he would fulfill the mission assigned to him by God. Hearing this, Abraham was filled with pride. Shortly after, Abraham wept. He explained that it was tears of joy for Muhammad bringing people to Islam. He gladly let Muhammad enter the seventh heavens.
This highest level was abundant with fruit trees, serene rivers, and other delights. Witnessing numerous wonders, Muhammad progressed through the seventh heavens into paradise.
Eventually, Muhammad reached the throne of the Lord, who commanded him to establish Islam. God also proclaimed that Muslims must pray five times a day. He promised that true Muslims would be rewarded with the miracles of paradise.
After this, Muhammad returned to Earth to fulfill his mission and establish Islam.
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