How to treat cystitis in Bali? Cystitis medication

For cystitis, it is better to go to a clinic if you have insurance.
The doctor will know exactly what your problem is and recommend the right treatment.
At the same time in Bali you can buy medicines that are often used, if they know for sure that they have cystitis, drink either Urinter (pipemidic acid) or Monuril (monural). 
But there is an opinion that this can only weaken the manifestation of cystitis, and it may return again.
That is, an infection that goes through the open stage in you can become chronic, and in the chronic stage it will also be dangerous. Therefore, it is better if the doctor finds out what kind of infection you have in order to choose the appropriate treatment.

So if you have the opportunity to see a doctor, please see a doctor.

We wish you good health!
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