How to register for Grab, Gojek and other services without an Indonesian SIM card

Registering with most local services using a non-Indonesian phone number is usually not possible. However, there is a workaround, at least at the time of writing this article.
1. Create an account on, a website that provides a virtual Indonesian phone number to receive the registration code for the desired service.
2. The service is paid, so after registration, you need to top up your account. At the time of writing, the number for Grab cost $0.44, and for Gojek — $0.17.
3. In "Select a country," choose Indonesia, and in "Select a service," choose the service you need (Grab, Gojek, or another). Click "Buy."
4. Your Indonesian virtual number will appear at the top. Go to the application of the selected service and enter this number when registering to receive the code.
5. Wait 30 seconds, click the “Get sms” button. A code should appear next to the number. If it doesn’t appear right away, wait a little and click again. *
6. Enter the code in the chosen service and complete the registration. 
After successful registration in the chosen service, you can change the phone number to your own, but you don't need to do this, as it will then be impossible to pay by card. Leave the Indonesian number.
Until the SMS is received, money is not debited from the account. If the number does not work, you can click the "Reject" button or cancel the transaction in the personal account, and then try the whole procedure again to get another number.
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