How to re-register a phone number on yourself. Re-registering a SIM card on yourself

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Question from Maxim:

"Please tell me, I lost a telkomsel sim card which I had for 3 years, there are many services tied to it (banks, gojeks, etc.), including some irreplaceable and valuable ones. I bought it on the street, apparently without a passport.
1. Who has gone through the recovery process and how to do it?
2. Is there a chance (if purchased without a passport)?"

Response from Raphail:

"I registered it at the airport, gave my passport, was sure it was in my name.
I came to the office, it turned out not to be mine, they gave me a form where I had to write down the last numbers and some other info, I tried to pull out the last calls for about 40 minutes through Google, and in the end they re-registered the SIM card on me.
Be sure to come to the office with the original passport."

Response from Yuri:

"A couple of months ago, I recovered a lost SIM card registered to my passport, and it was a real hassle. The first time I forgot my passport, they refused to talk to me. The second time was successful, but it took 3 hours and they recovered it on a different tariff, for some reason I couldn't do it on the old one, and I was already exhausted trying to figure out why. Be sure to come to the office with the original passport."
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