How to choose a visa agency in Indonesia?

Every year new and new agencies open up offering visa processing to Indonesia and assistance in obtaining other visas within Indonesia itself. Unfortunately, not all of them are trustworthy. More and more often, complaints about poor quality services or even fraud pop up in Balinese chat rooms. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a reliable visa agent, reveal the key points to pay attention to, and share recommendations on how to avoid overpayments and unscrupulous services.
1. Look for an agent on your own.
Visa to Indonesia is issued online, which is very convenient, but also creates favorable conditions for scammers. You should be wary of unfamiliar agencies that write you personal messages offering quick visas at low prices. In most cases, such "agents", having received money, stop contacting you. Therefore, we recommend that you search for a visa partner on your own: find and study their website and social networks, read customer reviews, make sure of the company's reputation and professionalism.
2. Do not agree to work with an agency just because of a low price.
A price that is significantly lower than others may signal implicit additional costs. This is a typical strategy where a discount on one service is offset by an increased price for others. Therefore, before choosing an agency solely because of a lower visa cost, research the terms and conditions of the extension and ask about additional possible fees. Hidden costs can make the final amount more significant than that of competitors, and this approach will not be as favorable as it seems at first glance. Instead of choosing the service with the lowest rate, it's worth doing additional research and comparing offers from several agencies.
3. Do not believe loud promises.
If in the advertisement the agency guarantees that you will get some complicated visa, you should look for another agency. If in obtaining an Indonesian visa everything is quite straightforward and clear, then, for example, obtaining a US visa cannot be guaranteed 100%, as the final decision is made by the consul on the basis of an interview. The agency can only assess your chances, help you gather a strong set of documents and prepare you for the interview. Here you can familiarize yourself with the requirements and conditions for processing an American visa.
The same goes for KITAS visa processing. If an agency promises to open an investor KITAS without registering a company or a work KITAS without your employment in Indonesia, then such visas will not be legal.
4. Research the company's reputation.
Pay attention to how the agent is presented on the website and on social networks. How lively is his account? Look for information in thematic chat rooms, read reviews on Google and other resources. The Internet knows everything, and often unscrupulous agencies can not hide a bad reputation online. The more positive reviews, the better, but be careful: sometimes companies order good reviews. This is usually seen when many reviews appear at once on the same day or they are not very informative. If possible, talk to people who have already used the services of this company. This will help you make an informed decision and choose a reliable agency for visa services.
5. Assess the office and the environment.
This is especially true if you are already on the island and plan to work with an agent for visa extensions or other visa procedures. Before entrusting an agency with your documents and finances, it is highly recommended that you visit their office in person or at least familiarize yourself with it online. The physical presence of an office usually indicates the seriousness of the company. Online reviews and photos of the office can also give an idea of the ambiance. Neat desks, systematized filing, and friendly employees can be indicators of reliability.
6. Evaluate the professionalism of the staff.
The staff of the visa agency is obliged to give you free advice before starting work. Observe the behavior of the agency's staff. If they are unable to provide clear answers, this is a reason to question the reliability of the agency. Assess how much they understand your needs and are willing to help. If they are courteous, competent and professional in their dealings with you, this may indicate that the agency is responsible in its work and can be a reliable partner in visa processing.
We are convinced that quality communication between our managers and clients is also very important, so we are always in touch in messengers and promptly answer any questions.
7. Check the documents.
Do not make any payments before signing the contract and carefully review all documents provided. Before signing, make sure that the country indicated in the documents corresponds to your travel plans. Be thorough and ask questions if anything is in doubt or unclear.
8. Work with one sponsor.
When applying for a B211 visa to Indonesia, the agency prepares a special invitation letter for you with the participation of an Indonesian sponsor to whom you are "assigned". It is important that when you renew your visa, the sponsor is the same person as when you applied for the visa. If the agent refuses to extend your visa, or you decide to change companies, you will incur additional costs or, in the worst case, you will have to go to the visarun and reopen your visa.
Before you start working with a visa company, analyze the market of services, find out additional fees, make sure that the agent is reliable and professional. Only after a thorough study of all aspects, make a decision on cooperation, not limiting yourself to the lowest price. This will avoid potential problems and make your trip more pleasant and safe.
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