How to Book a Bike?

So, how to rent a bike or car with us?
1. Message us on WhatsApp or Telegram 
2. Let us know the dates you want to book the vehicle.
This is important because without dates we cannot calculate the cost.
Tell us the model you want to book, and we'll check if it's available for your dates (all models and prices are listed on our website). If you're unsure about which bike to choose, our manager will advise you and suggest the best option based on your driving experience;
3. Once the model and dates are confirmed, the manager calculates the cost, and you can proceed to the booking.
To book a bike or car, we ask you to send:
• a photo of the driver's passport;
• e-mail;
• phone number;
• delivery location for the vehicle;
4. At the agreed time, our courier will arrive at the agreed location with the vehicle, the contract, and two helmets (for bike rental);
5. You can inspect the vehicle and then sign the contract and make the payment.
No deposits required!
6. At the end of the rental period, the courier will come to you and collect the vehicle.
If you have any questions during the rental period or want to extend the rental time, our support service is always available to help.
Any more questions?
Text us:
▪️Telegram @Balimotion
▪️WhatsApp +62 819 624 412
Messages will appear here soon.
You can add one right now!