How can you do a Permata card upgrade?

When opening an account with an Indonesian bank, tourists usually receive a basic card with a small limit, minimum deposit and no name card.
For example, the green card of Permata Bank allows you to withdraw up to Rp 10,000,000 per day. The same limit is set for online purchases. So, paying for an expensive airline ticket can be problematic.
The good news is that some banks allow you to upgrade your cards.
Permata Bank customers can upgrade their card to a Red card or Black card in the future. After the upgrade, you will get a card with a daily limit of Rs. 20 million and Rs. 50 million respectively.
- A deposit of Rs. 100 million will be required to switch from Green to Red card.
- To switch from Red to Black card, a deposit of 500 million rupees is required.
To do this, you need to come with your passport and card to a bank branch and tell them which card you want to open.
You can get a new card on the day of application. If you can wait, you can order a personalized card.
Everything is simple! And if you don't have an Indonesian bank account yet, you can open one through us. There are no queues in Permata now, the procedure will take up to 3 working days.
The cost is 500,000 rupiah.
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