Hot springs near Lake Batur

Not far from the tourist roads in Kintamani, nestled in the shady jungles, are hot springs. In principle, if you're headed to the coffee plantations, the springs are just a stone's throw away.
The springs are located near the village of Toya Bungkah, right next to Lake Batur. From the busy and dusty road, you need to turn onto a pleasant quiet trail that will lead you directly to the warm baths of natural origin.
The cost of admission can be found on the website. The price includes a welcome drink, fresh towels, changing rooms, and lockers where you can leave your belongings. On the premises of the baths, there are also showers with separate stalls for men and women.
In the baths, there are several pools with water of different temperatures. All of them are beautifully decorated, offering magnificent views of the mountains and the lake. There is a separate pool for children, where they can splash around and have fun freely. In the children's area, there is a specially trained lifeguard who ensures safety and assists if needed.
Additionally, there is a café on the premises of the baths where you can grab a bite to eat after the water procedures and relax in the cool shade.
Directly opposite the hot springs lies the village of Aga. It is a traditional Balinese village that is home to the famous cemetery where the dead are not buried but simply placed on an island under the magical Kuban tree.
The road to the hot springs will take about 2.5 hours from Kuta or Legian. After the crowded beaches and streets of these tourist areas, the quiet hot springs will seem like a calm and serene place.
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