Honda PCX is the best alternative to the H-Max!

The Honda PCX and Yamaha Nmax are two of the hottest maxi-scooters out there and are constantly competing against each other.
Ergonomically and externally, at first glance they are very similar: diode lights, turn signals, high seat, spacey but understated design that makes them stand out from the crowd. But if you dig deeper, you'll find a few key differences that can play in the PCX's favor. Let's take a look at them!
🛵 Compared to its edgy competitor, the PCX is more leisurely and predictable, and more stable when shifting. This bike will appeal to those who appreciate comfort, practicality, smooth ride and economy.
Definitely the best scooter for long trips around Bali!
First and foremost, the PCX has an advanced braking system that gives extra confidence to drivers knowing they have everything under control.
There are two main versions of the Honda PCX:
The version with ABS system, which helps prevent the wheels from locking up during a sudden stop. In the busy and chaotic traffic of Bali, this feature will be very useful. You'll especially notice the difference when driving in the rain, as it helps provide better traction.
The version with Combi Brake is an original Honda system that provides safer braking. When the rider presses the rear brake lever, it simultaneously activates both front and rear brakes.
The PCX is a better choice for more experienced riders. Beginners may find the scooter heavy and unmaneuverable. It is better to take a Honda Vario 125 for the first time. However, given its braking system, stability and smooth ride, it may be easier to switch to the PCX than the Nmax at first.
With a beefed up 16hp engine, the Honda PCX has almost all the advantages of both big and small scooters. The comfortable weight of the rider and passenger is up to 168 kg, but in practice the bike pulls well even when overweight and climbs steep hills without difficulty.
When it comes to comfort and roominess, the PCX is slightly ahead of its competitor here as well.
It has a very soft leather seat that is pleasant to sit on for both driver and passenger. It is ideal if you are traveling long distances. The driver can put his or her feet either down or forward. There are wide footrests for the passenger.
A large trunk will come in handy on long trips around the island. The PCX has 2 liters more. There is a front glove compartment with a USB port where you can charge your phone even in the rain.
The Honda PCX will need to be "fed" less often. The PCX's fuel tank is 2 liters larger than the Nmax's, which means it has a greater range, approximately 50-60 km, depending on the terrain. If you don't drive in the mountains, 2 liters will be enough for more than 100 km, and one tank will be enough for about 400 km. Economy is its specialty.
Drivers also note the nicer digital display on the PCX as opposed to the e-ink on the Nmax and the stronger front headlight.
Otherwise, it's a matter of taste. The Honda PCX is a quality and comfortable bike for long trips around Bali. Of course, the condition of the machinery is also important for a comfortable and safe ride.
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