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Many tourists and visitors to the country are interested in how to travel within Indonesia and beyond without unnecessary expenses of money and time. There are several reliable services that allow you to quickly find the needed airline ticket.


One of the well-known services is the Indonesian startup, designed to search for cheap tickets from local carriers. It has received additional investments and continues to develop.
At the moment, the service allows you to search for optimal airline tickets (in terms of price or departure time) among 12 airlines operating in Indonesia.
In addition to Indonesia, there is a search for tickets to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand. The website is very convenient. The interface has been updated and is available not only in Indonesian but also in English. Therefore, an online translator is not needed, which significantly reduces search time. Tickets can be purchased immediately, paying with a bank card.
You can check the website more often, checking for promotional offers. Some interesting offers are constantly available. For example, during the Muslim Ramadan, there may be a pleasant discount of 20%, 50%. There are good offers to choose from - flight + hotel 2 in 1, and also promotions are available. But this is more often available in the Traveloka app.
And overall, when you are constantly traveling around Indonesia or to other countries, for example, for business meetings, tours, then the application will be a good help. Other interesting features include city guides, pay later, gift certificates, and much more.
Also, the apps have a convenient option: when choosing the flight date, prices for the entire month and even more appear immediately. Thanks to this, you won't miss discounts and cheap tickets, and it also saves your time, as there's no need to type for long, checking prices for each specific day. This feature is available on Traveloka, Utiket,, Agoda, while other apps currently only offer prices for a specific day.

A good service for searching for flights in Indonesia is tiket2. The interface is in English, and the ticket commission is quite decent. You can fly to Samoa, Papua, Fiji, Pacific Islands, as well as to India, Switzerland, and other countries. The website has a "Get help faster" button in case urgent assistance is needed regarding tickets and flights.

Another flight aggregator among Asian low-cost carriers is Utiket. It's convenient with its ticket price chart for the month - you can immediately see which day is the cheapest. On Utiket, you can consider prices by comparing several presented airlines, both domestic and international. The service offers budget airline flights, promo flights, as well as tickets from major carriers with a full range of services. In addition to airline tickets, you can also buy train tickets.

A website with a similar name to the previous services and a pleasant interface in English and Indonesian is Services are not only available for purchasing airline tickets, but also for water transport, buses, trains, as well as hotel and hostel rooms. You can travel within Indonesia and to Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, and others. Discounts of 30% and more, budget tickets, and special offers for business class are available. For convenience, there is also an app where discounts are even greater.


Also, a good flight search engine for Asia and Indonesia is the Nusatrip website, available in Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, and English languages. There is also an option to buy airline tickets while simultaneously booking a hotel room.
For convenience, the NusaTrip: Flight & Hotel app has been created.

An economical and convenient service, Agoda, and the Agoda: Hotel & Penerbangan app have emerged, which have received many good reviews. The prices are surprising and pleasing, especially when using the app, significant discounts are offered.
You can book airline tickets, hotel rooms, active entertainment, tours and excursions, and private accommodation is also possible.
There is a free cancellation and refund feature, and payment for the hotel upon arrival is possible. We compared it with Traveloka and concluded that Agoda is often cheaper during promotions. The main thing is to "catch" it in time.
And if you need not only an airline ticket but also a hotel room with breakfast and other amenities, then a package flight with an attractive discount is offered. And there are also reviews from previous visitors.

The long-established Skyscanner service does not differ much in prices from the others. You can compare independently and choose a suitable ticket. There are flights within
Indonesia, as well as to Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, Rome, and others. The Skyscanner Pesawat Hotel Mobil app has good reviews.
There are still some services for finding cheap tickets, such as, And there are some that are not very popular, but if you're interested in comparing, visit one of the Indonesian websites where a list of online services for quick search of cheap airline tickets is listed.
Price comparison example: Jakarta-Bali
Cost (May 25, 2024)
655,000 rupiah
691,000 rupiah
697,204 rupiah
702,053 rupiah
713,680 rupiah
729,000 rupiah
  730 000 rupiah 
We hope you find what you need and will be satisfied with your planned trip. Have a pleasant flight, everyone!
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