Finder for cheap flights to Indonesia

The Indonesian startup, designed for searching for cheap flights from local carriers, has received additional investments and is actively expanding. At the moment, the service allows users to find optimal flight options (in terms of price or departure time) among 12 airlines operating in Indonesia. In addition to Indonesia, there is a search for tickets to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong, making it convenient for exploring local low-cost carriers. The website is built using modern web technologies and is generally user-friendly. However, the interface is currently only available in Indonesian, but with the use of online translation tools, this is not a significant issue. Tickets can be purchased immediately, paying with a credit card.
I found another good service for searching for air tickets in Indonesia The interface is in English, but the commission for tickets is quite decent.
Another air ticket aggregator among Asian low-cost airlines. It is convenient to have a graph of ticket prices for the month - you can immediately see which day is the cheapest. See
Also a good search engine for air tickets in Asia and Indonesia, website
But here are some infographics about Indonesian air carriers, quite interesting:
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